Vue.js + chatroom

I’ve shared it on Twitter but just haven’t mentioned it here. A short while ago I put together a small chatroom example using Vue.js + Semantic UI for the front-end and Node with for the backend. It’s a quite basic example that isn’t production ready but it still features the most important functionality as well asI’ve been usingsome of the new [Read More]

Wifi enabled fish feeder system

Christmas is approaching and I’ll soon be leaving myapartment for about 14 days to celebrate christmas with my family. Though I’ve got a small fish tank which I don’t really want to take with me. As it’s quite much work involved in emptying the tank and then transporting the fish + the tank safely 300 km to the place where I’ll spend the holidays. Though [Read More]

Modbus master

A couple of weeks ago we finished the GSM trip computer project with quite positive results. We didn’t really have time to fix the last few bugs and do some final improvements but the live data loggin to the external web server worked well and in general it was a nice project to get to know Atmel ASF and the SAMD21 better. Now I’ve moved on to a [Read More]

Adafruit GSM/GPS Delivery

Look what I got today! Well they’re actually not really mine, but at least I’ll get to use them for a while… In the embedded systems course I’m taking at the university we’re working with 32 bit Atmel ARM SAMD21 MCUs and I’ve teamed up with one of my classmates to construct what will basically be a prototype for a modular, portable trip computer. We’ [Read More]

ES6 Audio Recorder

Github: Live demo: I’ve been checking out the development of ES6, the next Javascript standard,a bit now and thenbut I’ve never really used any of the new ES6 features in my projects. Now as the browser support for ES6 is getting pretty good I decided it was time for me to get comfortable with some of the [Read More]