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Welcome to the personal site of a Swedish developer with a passion for singing, web development, embedded systems and tea!

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Since I started working there haven't been much activity around here unfortunately... But who knows, one day that might change!

Android programming and some Vue.js and OSM stuff

May 9, 2016

I’ve been rather inactive here for a while. The main reason is that I’m currently working on my graduation project. I’m doing it at a company in an other town which means I’m never at home except during the weekends. This has forced me to put the home automation project on put, a [Read More]

Easter mapping (and fishing)

March 26, 2016

Open source and outdoor life; I’m trying to include both of these fabulous things during this weekend when I’m visiting my parents over Easter. This post differs a little bit from my normal programming- and electronics posts. But hey, it’s important to sometimes take a break from [Read More]

Home Automation - DB design and I/O types

March 14, 2016

Read the introduction to my home automation project here if you haven’t already: http://jimmyutterstrom.com/2016/03/home-automation-plans/ The foundation of the home automation system is the MQTT communication interface. As all connected devices will communicate through the MQTT [Read More]

Home automation plans

March 8, 2016

Home automation seems to be a pretty popular topic nowadays. There are many commercial solutions available to choose from, for example the Z-wave line of products. Though I find it quite common that most of these commercial automation products are pretty expensive. You can someti [Read More]

Vue.js + Socket.io chatroom

January 25, 2016

I’ve shared it on Twitter but just haven’t mentioned it here. A short while ago I put together a small chatroom example using Vue.js + Semantic UI for the front-end and Node with socket.io for the backend. It’s a quite basic example that isn’t production ready but it still featur [Read More]

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