What's going on?

September 28, 2015

It’s been pretty quite here for a while now. The main reason is the fact that I’ve begun studying again after the summer break. I haven’t made much progress on the NavBox project, just some minor work with the data transfer. My primary goal was to have a first prototype ready in October. To be honest I’m not sure I will make it but there’s really not that much left. So if I manage to dedicate a bit more time for the project I could probably keep to my original deadline. Though I’m also working on a couple of other smaller projects right now so it all depends on my prioritization.

At the university we’ve recently been constructing a remote controlled vehicle. Both the vehicle and the remote is powered by an ATmega328P. There’s two custom H-bridges for controlling the motors, and an IR sensor for displaying the distance to an obstacle and a nRF401 radio module.

Remote control


This project is finished now and next we will be working some with the Atmel SAMD21E18 32 bit micro controller. I’m looking forward to gain some experience with Atmel’s line of 32 bit MCUs as I’ve only been working with PSoC so far. Though, based on what I’ve seen until now, I still think that the PSoC environment is a easier to work with and I don’t really think that Atmel’s ASF give you as user-friendly tools as PSoC creator does. Though I have only been looking at a few ASF examples this far so I’ll have to see what I think about it after I’ve actually been using it for something a bit more substantial.