Android programming and some Vue.js and OSM stuff

May 9, 2016

I’ve been rather inactive here for a while. The main reason is that I’m currently working on my graduation project. I’m doing it at a company in an other town which means I’m never at home except during the weekends. This has forced me to put the home automation project on put, as I kind of need access to my home in order to automate it… I’ll see if I can get it going again later during the summer though, when I’m at the right location.

The graduation project (in which I’m currently working mostly with native Android app development) is taking quite much of my time. Though I’m working a little bit on a side project in my free time to keep some web development going as well. I’m working on a website based on Leaflet, Vue.js and some Open Street Map data. Hopefully I’ll have something to show off in a while. Though I’ve decided to try out the Vue.js internationalization plugin vue-i18n to see what it’s like to work with. It means I’ll need to write translation files as well (which takes some time), to make the site multilingual (only bilingual this time though). This far I think it’s a quite neat plugin. Easy to work with and enough features for “standard”/basic use.