NavBox - A Router and some waypoints!

August 12, 2015

So here’s another progress update for my USV navigation project. In the last post I talked about the general structure of the control panel application and I’ve now implemented basic data transfer capabilities for the Info view so that the live data from the PSoC board is being d [Read More]

NavBox - Change of plans

July 31, 2015

If you’ve read my last post about the project you might remember that I was planning to write a make Android app for the system. Though I’m not sure that’s what I’m going to do. I feel that my limited time and my will to make some fast progress on the project is a bit too high fo [Read More]

NavBox - Autonomous navigation project

July 27, 2015

Robotics, RC vehicles, rovers and UAV:s are all big interests of mine. I’ve always been into radio controlled vehicles of different types and since a while ago I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to build a more autonomous vehicle. That’s why I’ve came up with the idea o [Read More]

PSoC Delivery!

July 15, 2015

Today the mailman delivered a small but still very anticipated package. I just got the three CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP prototyping boards I ordered about a week ago! I haven’t had time to try them yet but I’m looking forward to it! The downside with larger prototyping boards like Fre [Read More]

PSoC Tutorial - Adafruit LSM303 magnetometer (compass) module

July 12, 2015

If you will ever want to create some sort of navigation system you will most likely want a reliable way to determine which direction your system is pointing at. If the system is moving, a GPS module could be enough to get the current heading. But if you’re standing still or need [Read More]