ES6 Audio Recorder

October 3, 2015

Live demo:

I’ve been checking out the development of ES6, the next Javascript standard, a bit now and then but I’ve never really used any of the new ES6 features in my projects. Now as the browser support for ES6 is getting pretty good I decided it was time for me to get comfortable with some of the new features. I’ve also been very interesting in trying to do something with the Web Audio API. It’s a great JS API that allows you to do almost any kind of sound processing in the browser. I’ve got a quite large web project I’m looking to get started with in the future and for that I would like to have a good way of recording user audio in the browser.

That’s the background story of this little audio recording application which uses the web audio API to record live audio from your microphone. It also features a canvas-based volume meter which visualizing the input level from your mic. It really doesn’t look very impressing and code-wise there’s also room for improvements. Though the main idea with this project has been to improve my ES6 knowledge as well as getting some general experience with the audio API.