Adafruit GSM/GPS Delivery

October 6, 2015

Look what I got today! Well they’re actually not really mine, but at least I’ll get to use them for a while…

Adafruit FONA 808 modules

In the embedded systems course I’m taking at the university we’re working with 32 bit Atmel ARM SAMD21 MCUs and I’ve teamed up with one of my classmates to construct what will basically be a prototype for a modular, portable trip computer. We’ll construct two prototypes, sharing the same base functionality but one will be adapted for bicycle use and the other for being used for an electric longboard. It will feature a combined GSM/GPS module (the FONA808 modules in the image) where the GPS will be used for position and speed data and the GSM module will be used for logging the data to a remote web server over GPRS. There will also be some additional features for the two different implementations. The bicycle version will for example feature a cadence sensor and the two prototypes will also feature different displays to best suit the target application.